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Meet SuperFruiter: The innovative melon varieties that will change melons as we know them

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Many know that Israel, and specifically the Volcani Center, is home to abundant innovation in the seed industry. A relatively new such innovation, is the SuperFruiter trait, introduced into melons.

The SuperFruiter trait, once introduced into melons, creates a new concept of melons: personal size, smaller seed cavity, hardly any seeds inside (empty seeds with shell only). The next generation developments will pursue an even more innovative concept: cherry size melon with an edible rind! An actual cherry melon! While melon is a known and loved fruit, the SuperFruiter trait will undoubtedly create a disruptive novelty in the melon industry. Imagine eating a melon in a similar way you eat apples!

Copia, an Israeli fund managed by @Ohad and @Eyal, works to develop projects originating from Israeli universities and research cent

ers and bridge the gap between them and the industry. SuperFruiter is a good example of such a project. Working side by side the scientific team at the volcani center and Breedex, an innovative Israeli breeding company, specialising in specialty vegetables, Copia succeeds in promoting this high potential product with important growers and category managers in the produce industry.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ohad and Eyal to introduce SuperFruiter into the Spanish market, with the best possible partner for the job: @Sanlucar.

When you work with good people, innovative scientific academia platforms and professional teams, magic happens: First season has been grown in Murcia, and it combines Spanish strength, knowhow, and market dominance with Israeli agri technology. Oh - and the SuperFruiter melons yields 30%-50% higher than standard melon varieties! - Win for consumers, for growers as well as for the much needed sustainability efforts we are all 100% committed to in this world of agrifoodtech.

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