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Meet SeeTree: the world first complete intelligence network for trees

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Meet SeeTree: the world first complete intelligence network for trees

Omg! This technology will blow your mind!

So what’s the problem?

Every year pests and insects cause 25 billion dollars(!!!) worth of health problems in trees around the world! As just one example, looking at the long term, Spain’s olive trees alone are projected to suffer around 17 billion dollars from bacterial pest generated diseases!

As we strive for a future of food security and tackle world hunger we aim to find ways to constantly improve agricultural yields and sustainability as well as monitor consumer price distortions.

Did you know, that in 2021, a farmer looking after his orchard, still uses nothing but his eyes, legs and intuition? just like his father before him and their fathers before them… This means it is virtually impossible to prevent disease and take care of each tree precisely and in time.

Meet SeeTree. 

SeeTree was cofounded by Israel Talpaz, a brilliant mind, after having retired from the most prestigious 8200 intelligence unit, and decided to take his vast knowledge in intelligence network gathering to disrupt an ancient problem — TREES!

Together with a growing team of AI imagery algorithm developers and data scientists, he created the world’s only complete intelligence network for trees!

With this complex automated drone solution, a farmer can gain insight to health and productivity of each of his trees, prevent disease and increase profitability!

De facto, Its like providing each and every tree top notch 24/7 medicare by the best private doctors possible! Unbelievable technology and incredible impact!

Mind blowing, right? If you think so, share this post to leave your small personal footprint on this huge impact!

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