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KaiCao - cocoa innovation from A to Z

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I met Ido Talmor about a year ago in Madrid. Being both Israelis living in Madrid, me loving nothing better than new projects, I was happy when Pedro Alvarez Bretones suggested I get to know him

I met an extremely humble yet talented and driven guy, that told me all about his journey from marketing related startups in Israel to a #beantobar chocolate factory in Europe. I have had the pleasure of accompanying his journey ever since, although I was hooked from the beginning to the guy and the concept, I can safely say he has outperformed all expectations.

What is #Kaicao? How is it different? And why do I think we will be hearing all throughout Europe of it in the next few years?

* KaiCao is a cocoa brand. A brand created with only #wellness and every possible innovation related to cocoa in mind. Everything from ingredient sourcing to product innovation to strict and precise process up until consumer education is aimed at bringing #beantobar cocoa with all its glory, #superfoods attributes and beauty to our lives.

** KaiCao is built brand first. It could (and would) have been cheaper to produce in outskirts Madrid, but Ido had another idea. He created a beautiful transparent factory in the heart of Madrid Lavapies trendy neighbourhood, so that people will be able to see #beantobar activity right from the street, get to know the story and the people behind the brand, educate themselves on #beantobar and why it is so different than regular chocolate making, and give the full experience of touring the factory.

*** KaiCao is born with SEO and in mind. It is the birth child of an a guy that A/B testing and data ran in his blood way before the dream of cocoa ever did. This is evident every step of the way. Everything he does is well thought of, perfectly combining offline and online assets. He is a prediction machine, using data to evaluate and increase the value of each and every channel.

**** Kaicao’s website is not yet up, but thousands are already registered, favourite products have been running out of stock, a growing group of return customers are coming back on a regular basis every week and products are being pre ordered through Instagram so stock is weirdly enough his bottleneck nowadays.

***** Growing up in the #startupnation, he has been smart enough to not accept many investment proposals from investors that did not understand and share his big vision. Investors that asked the wrong questions, seeking fast returns. It is incredible what he has achieved almost all alone, in a short time, and I cannot wait to see what happens after his seed round takes place. #Explosion.

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