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Meet ToBe: a small breakthrough device for Varroa treatment, the number one problem in beekeeping

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Omg! This technology will blow your mind!

So what’s the problem?

The Varroa destructor (varroa mite) is often described as the number one problem facing honey bee beekeepers world-wide, for very good reason.

It attaches itself to the bee and transfers viruses to the bee, and it is these virulent viruses that cause the huge problem of hive collapse.

The cost of varroa mite is incurred on multiple levels. The first is that there is a cost for purchasing the treatments that kill the varroa mite, and there is also a constant labour cost for installing and managing these treatments. The frequent and high levels of chemicals used to treat the varroa entail by themselves numerous health risks.

Also, in some colonies, for a variety of reasons, treatments may not work well, including that initial mite numbers may have been too high, that the bees may not have been in good contact with the treatment, or that some re-invasion of mites from other hives, often managed by different beekeepers, may have occurred. The result is affected bee hives become weakened or compromised, sick, and in many cases die.

The solution

A compact electro-mechanic in-hive device automatically releases precise minuscule pulses of anti-Varroa compounds year-round through a pre-programmed protocol. The patented technology allows for completely innovative transmission mechanism that consequently:

  1. Results in a dramatic reduction in compound use while achieving superior efficacy - reduce in-hive exposure to hazardous contaminants, assuring healthy bees and high-quality hive products.

  2. Able to apply more natural treatments - because they tend to only work if you apply them multiple times with rigid schedule and strong management - with ToBe can be done automatically

  3. Small foldable device - easy to travel with the hive

  4. Fully customisable - extracts valuable data from the hive at real time to inform better decisions.

To conclude, a small, breakthrough device for Varroa treatment, includes sensors for data extraction and insights - resumes the fun and joy of beekeeping while improving the health of the environment and honey extracts.

Eyal Cohen Ziv Carthy Avi Ben Shimon Ohad Zuckerman

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