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Facilitating synergy between Israel and Spain

Roni Eiger is an angel investor and tech scouter exploring technology and investments opportunities between Spain and Israel

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I am Roni Eiger. An Israeli living in Madrid, mother of 4, angel investor, hi-tech veteran, multiple time entrepreneur & manager of a single-family office.


I hold a BA in computer science and economics, an MA in economics and an MBA in finance. Growing up in the Israeli hi-tech industry, I have filled every possible position, from software engineer to product manager, marketing, biz-dev, project manager, entrepreneur and M&A.

Everything that has to do with technology and investments excite me, and I love generating creative ideas and solutions to facilitate tech adoption.

Having lived in Madrid for 4 years, I have become a true believer in the opportunities and potential value, that can be created by leveraging Spanish strengths in sectors like agriculture, energy, mobility and communication by early adoption of constant innovation. Spanish multinational companies have great influence and market share in Europe, as well as in Latin America. By early adoption and involvement in the full spectrum of the innovation ecosystem, Spanish multinationals are able to leverage their position to maintain and grow their market dominance and leadership which will in turn greatly benefit the Spanish labor market.

I am fortunate to be very close and well connected to the Israeli hitech sector. Israel is a renown global tech hub, second only to the Silicon Valley. It grows tech companies in all sectors and shows no signs of slowing down. In the first half of 2021 an all-time record was set with $11.9 billion raised, more than the total amount in 2020.

I see incredible synergies that can be exploited on both sides by tightening the collaboration between the two countries across the board. I spend my time aiming at exposing Israeli tech to Spanish angel investors, Corporate investors, and market opportunities in an ongoing, direct, precise, and fruitful manner that will benefit the two sides.

I provide personal scouting services to Spanish companies looking to be connected with global innovation opportunities across the board - from pre-seed investments in future solutions to well-established and mature applicable products and collaborations. I actively seek strategic investors for interesting and promising startups.

I believe I have the creativity, deep tech & business experience as well as general and cultural sensitivity needed to bridge between the business and cultural needs and expectations of multinationals vs startups.

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